Yofumo Outdoor LineTM

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  1. Reinsulated with Yofumo’s proprietary insulated panels providing complete thermal envelop control and unmatched efficiency

  2. Proprietary interior materials matching to client application needs (decontamination, drying, curing or storage)

  3. Integrated controls, power backup, decon systems, and security features

Exclusively designed for large industrial applications, the Yofumo Outdoor Line provides patented yeast, mold and antimicrobial decontamination, alongside drying, curing, and storage solutions. Maintain precise, remote control of your post-harvest, post-production and storage processes while decontaminating your product and accelerating the drying process.

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Capacity: 260-1200 plants or 1T – 6T biomass product (depending on configuration and application)

Trailer or fixed position installations

Indoor or Outdoor (requires standard loading dock bay access )

The future of your harvest is one call away.

Important to note that unlike other containers on the market,
Yofumo completely rebuilds the containers integrating our technology and materials so that it is finely
tuned to biomass post harvest processing.

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