Yofumo’s Proprietary Terpene Development & Application Methodology

“Enfleurage” is one of the world’s oldest fragrance extraction methods, refined in France in the 18th century. Yofumo’s terpenes and application methodologies honor this old-world aromatic technique and enhance it with our patented technology to deliver an unparalleled flavor and aromatic experience: Enfleurage Terpenes and Essentia©.

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Yofumo’s Terpene Application Framework©

Our patented decontamination technology creates a clean environment for applying both classical and modern finishing and curation techniques. Furthermore, Yofumo’s product technology opens the door for developing revolutionary terpene applications.

Yofumo offers the industry’s first-ever terpene management framework and precision application techniques for raw biomass. All Yofumo terpenes are 100% organic and non-GMO derived, and are available in shelf, house, and custom blends. Yofumo’s terpenes are not only tailored to work with your Yofumo unit and supporting hardware. They are also calibrated to incorporate seamlessly into distillate and hydrocarbon based concentrate applications, thereby eliminating viscosity problems and the need for blending. Pioneered by Yofumo, these new terpene management techniques ensure a perfect application every time, regardless of weight or volume.

All Yofumo terpenes are 100% organically sourced from non-cannabis feed-stock and are non-GMO derived.

Plant on self

Pure Expression

Highest quality biomass undergoes isolated & controlled curing within the Yofumo system.

Plant-Based BiomassBiomass
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Best possible expression of the plant’s natural aromatic profile, the truest expression of the maximum genetic potential of the plant resulting both in terms of potency as well as flavor and aroma.

Plant on plant

Multiple Expression

Identically multiplies premium strain’s terpene profile upon itself to magnify the product’s innate genetic excellence.

Non-GMO, 100% organic compounds. Proprietary Yofumo analysis and blending.

Partial Plant

Curated Terpene Enhancements

Targets specific terpenes and their attributes and increases those terpene characteristics to emphasize specific aroma and/or flavor elements.

Proprietary Yofumo Analysis and Blending.

Natural Botanicals

Natures Palette

Creates an entirely unique flavor and aroma experience using pure natural extracts to complement the plant’s native terpene profile. Complete creative freedom allows for the development of terpene profiles that are accessible and uniquely customizable, covering the entire range of sweet, savory, sour and more.

Yofumo’s Terpene Application Framework
Client's Specified Attributes


Ultra-premium quality product with magnified expression of native aromatics and flavors.

Client's Specified Attributes


Ultra-premium quality product with unique magnification of specific terpene expressions from flavorings to effect.

Client's Specified Attributes


Consistent biomass and concentrates with completely unique or novel flavor and aromatic profiles.

Other Benefits:

Improves overall quality of otherwise aromatically or flavor-impaired products. Cures and matures the biomass to improve those impairments and deliver an improved final product.

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    Yofumo Curing Unit

  • Plant-Based Biomass


  • Yofumo Botanicals


  • Terpene


Yofumo controls and adjust the three key variables needed to cure biomass and develop the final aromatic, flavor and smoothness profile. Yofumo has also created its own proprietary blends and applications matched against specific biomass which it also offers to clients.


Yofumo’s proprietary terpene application methodologies ensures complete control over aromatic and flavor profiles while preserving and enhancing the product's native integrity, purity and properties.

  • Our proprietary infusion rod methodology is fine tuned for exclusive use with Yofumo equipment and supporting hardware
  • Our Essentia method reflects the practices, proprietary blending methods, and specification techniques used to develop our infusion methodology and brings that level of quality to distillate and concentrate applications while also eliminating viscosity or blending problems commonly found in post process terpene applications.
  • When used individually or in conjunction, the end-product boasts a finish unmatched by any other method.

rods method


  • Flower
  • Green Leaf
  • General unprocessed

Once you have identified and selected the ideal terpene profile for your end-product, Yofumo’s Cure Masters will prepare your selected formulation and provide you with pre-dosed Infusion Rods on an individual or continual order basis to meet your production needs. Yofumo’s Infusion Rods methodology is fully integrated into our Terpene Management Framework© – Plant on Self / Partial Plant / Natural Botanicals.

Usage: Terpene infusion of flower and natural biomass

Terpene Essentia Method


  • Distillates &
  • Food &
  • Other post
    processed biomass

Our Terpene Essentia Method provides a finishing and curing solution identical to our Rods system, but for application in the distillate and concentrate markets. Through custom or predefined solutions, Yofumo clients can infuse concentrates at will with no negative impacts on viscosity or blending.

Usage: Terpene infusion for concentrates and distillates

Yofumo's Terpene Mapping Process

Test. Analyze. Target. Apply.

To accurately map the terpene profile of your product, and fully identify the profiles you seek to adapt, Yofumo’s analysis process procures samples at 3, 5 and 7 distinct stages of the biomass life cycle, depending on depth of analysis. At minimum, we collect 3 replicate samples pre-, during and post-harvest for testing and baselining. With a 5 or higher replicate analysis we:

  • Provide a detailed analysis of your product’s terpene profile and its chemical evolutions throughout your existing harvest and finishing processes

  • Highlight specific target terpenes or a whole plant map for unique and rare compounds

  • Create an application protocol for your specific curing or augmentation needs

  • Prepare and manage your unique blends for use in your Yofumo systems

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